New DVD by Dr. Monson: Cognitive Behavioural Interventions for PTSD

Dr. Candice Monson, Partner at EBT3, has recently released a DVD through the American Psychological Association on cognitive behavioural interventions for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.


Cognitive theories of posttraumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, assert that traumatized individuals make problematic appraisals about their experiences that potentially impede recovery from trauma. Individuals with PTSD develop over-generalized and negative conclusions based on traumatic events in areas such as safety, trust, and intimacy.

Unlike anxiety-based or emotional-processing theories of PTSD, which are the foundation of exposure-based interventions, cognitive theories hold that PTSD is not a disorder of anxiety, but is instead characterized by emotional and physiological dysregulation that can be remedied with cognitive interventions.

In this video, Dr. Candice M. Monson employs cognitive behavioral therapy interventions with a woman who is suffering from PTSD after the tragic loss of her son.


Dr. Candice M. Monson employs several key cognitive and behavioral interventions that are used to correct the problematic appraisals that traumatized individuals make, and instead promote beliefs to encourage recovery after traumatic events. These interventions include the use of Socratic dialogue, cognitive worksheets, and related behavioral experiments.

Moreover, there are characteristic classes of cognitions that need to be addressed to facilitate recovery. These cognition classes include concerns about facing trauma-related cognitions, appraisals about the traumatic events, here-and-now thoughts emanating from the trauma, and thoughts about one's ability to cope with future aversive or traumatic events.


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