DBT is a cognitive-behavioural treatment that was originally developed to treat suicidal behaviour, and has since evolved as the most effective treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). It is useful for individuals who have difficulties regulating their emotions, meaning they find that their negative emotions are often particularly intense, increase quickly, and last for a long time. These intense emotions often occur in important relationships, such as those with friends, family, and romantic partners.

DBT is based on dialectical philosophy, meaning that it embraces two seemingly opposed ideas. The first idea is clients' acceptance of their present moment experience, and the second is a commitment to change. The acceptance-based tools are derived from zen practice and the change-based tools are based on principles of behaviour therapy.

The overarching goal of DBT is to help individuals obtain a life worth living. By employing a balance of acceptance and change, clients are taught to accept their experience and emotions, while simultaneously learning and strengthening behavioural skills to work towards their goals. DBT is also a collaborative therapy, meaning that there is an emphasis on the relationship between clients and therapists.

Psychologists at EBT3 who offer DBT are either certified by the DBT Linehan Board of Certification or are in the process of obtaining certification. This ensures that we offer a high quality DBT program that adheres closely to the therapy model found to be the most effective. Many programs or therapists in the community use DBT methods that are not based on the most evidence-based approach, which is an important consideration when deciding where to seek help.

The comprehensive program offered at EBT3 includes the four essential components of DBT listed below. Please click on each component for more information.

Individual Therapy

Skills Training

Phone Coaching

Consultation Team


DBT is an evidence-based therapy, meaning that it has been shown to be effective through rigorous scientific research. Clinicians at EBT3 are experienced in using DBT to treat a variety of difficulties and problems. For more information about DBT, or to find an experienced psychologist, please contact us.