Dr. Zalai, MD, Ph.D was a physician before she became a doctor in psychology. She left medicine because psychology allows her to take a broader perspective with regards to well-being, health, and illness than a pure biological approach. She immensely values her relationship with clients and finds it gratifying to create an environment where people are respected, accepted and safe to be who they are.

Dr. Zalai provides cognitive-behavioural, mindfulness and acceptance-based treatments to college age students and adults who feel tired, overwhelmed, unhappy, anxious, or stuck in life. In addition, she conducts cutting-edge sleep and body clock assessments and provides individually-tailored sleep and circadian interventions that are unavailable in most clinical settings. She can also combine sleep assessment and treatment with treatment of depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorders, trauma and concussion.

Before she joined the EBT3 team, Dr. Zalai had provided consultation, assessment and treatment at the University Health Network, London Health Sciences, St. Michael’s Hospital, St. Joseph’s Health Care (Hamilton) and at several sleep clinics. She has educated clinicians and patient groups about the relationship between sleep, fatigue, mental and physical health in Canada, Europe, Asia and Africa and is passionate about developing cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia programs in community and in hospital settings.