The EBT3 team of mental health providers is dedicated to providing therapies that are evidence-based. This means that the therapies have been proven to be effective through rigorous scientific research. The use of evidence-based approaches at EBT3 reflects a growing change in healthcare, where providers take what has been shown to work in research and apply it to clinical practice.

The therapies used at EBT3 are generally short-term, problem-focused, and take into account clients' own circumstances and preferences when setting goals and achieving desired outcomes. Clients are active participants in therapy along with their therapists. At EBT3, we treat individuals, couples and families with a wide variety of problems and difficulties. We also treat groups of individuals who have similar problems to each other. Clients at EBT3 reflect the diversity of Toronto, ranging considerably with regards to age, race, gender, sexuality, culture, religion, ability, and health status.

For more information about therapy at EBT3, or to find an experienced psychologist, please contact us.