Cognitive Processing Therapy

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Cognitive Processing Therapy

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Evidence-Based Therapy, Training, and Testing (EBT3) and The Chicago School of Professional Psychology are hosting this 2-day workshop for healthcare practitioners and trainees in psychology, social work, nursing, counselling, medicine, and related fields.

Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) is a recommended first-line therapy for PTSD in current treatment guidelines world-wide. This workshop serves as a foundational training in CPT, highlighting the most recent research and changes in the protocol with the recent publication of the comprehensive manual (Resick, Monson, & Chard, 2016). Participants will receive instruction in the theoretical underpinnings of CPT to facilitate individual case conceptualization, session-by-session review of the protocol, demonstrations with video-recorded materials from actual cases, personal experience with the therapy materials through role-plays, and discussion of common problems encountered.

This foundational workshop represents the first step in becoming a CPT Provider and being on our searchable Provider Roster. Post-workshop consultation (individual or group) with an expert consultant in CPT is the next step in learning to deliver the treatment with proficiency. More information about post-workshop consultation and achieving CPT Provider and Quality-rated Provider status is available here.

For more details about the workshop, including presenters’ bios, agenda, and learning objectives, download the brochure here.

For course material, Continuing Education credits, and post-workshop consultation, see additional items for purchase below.

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ADDITIONAL ITEMS FOR PURCHASE: 1. Course Material: To maximize learning experience, participants are encouraged to read the CPT manual, available for purchase below. 2. Continuing Education credits are available with this workshop by adding to cart when ordering. 3. Post-workshop consultation (individual and group) may be purchased by adding to cart.